Posted on March 8, 2010  ·   Posted By Dennis Switcher      

The only episode of The Office that I’d ever seen was on an airplane, while I was half asleep without headphones. This was about three years ago. In the past couple months I’ve ended up watching the entire series and fell in love with it.

Though I agree with most viewers that the show has gone downhill after season two, I’ll still watch the series until it ends. I have actually enjoyed a handful of the episodes of season six more than most of the season three through five. Episodes like Sabre and Scott’s Tots are excellent.

The latest episode, The Delivery, was pretty weak. The thing that annoys me the most is how Pam is completely different since she is no longer the “engaged receptionist in love with another man”. Her wanting the extra day free in the hospital was beneficial to the episode, because they could show more of the characters interacting within the office, but this is really out of character for Pam.

The only thing that made me laugh was Michael Scott taking on the role as Cupid, shooting everyone with fake guns. After that scene I thought I could do something with the footage…

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  1. WHOA! That was awesome!

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