Posted on June 30, 2010  ·   Posted By Dennis and Ray Wray      

Little Monsters is a movie about a boy (Fred Savage) who befriends a monster (Howie Mandel) who lives under the boy’s bed. Together they pull pranks on other neighborhood kids while traveling from bed to bed in a magical underworld. Ultimately, Fred Savage has to decide if he wants to live in the underworld permanently or grow up and give up childish things.

We recut the movie to turn this family flick into a suspense thriller about a dad and his disturbing obsession with his two sons. We’ve eliminated the underworld and Howie Mandel in this version. Only creepy Daniel Stern remains. Ideally, the audience will be left horrified, biting their nails at the possibility that Stern will invade the Savage brothers’ room and have his way with them.

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