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Cannibal Poster

This movie is one of our all time favorites. It’s brought to you by the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. They worked on this project during their time at the University of Colorado in Boulder. While not a school project, the cast and crew included themselves, their classmates and even their professor.


Alfred Packer, The Preacher, Noon (Owen Wilson, Ewan McGregor, DJ Qualls)

Who wouldn’t love to see Alfred Packer being played by dopey Owen Wilson?  We’d think he could pull off the naive character while, at the same time, being kind of mysterious and creepy.

Ewan McGregor as Shannon Wilson Bell (aka The Preacher).

It would be pretty hard to beat Dian Bachar’s “gee-shucks” delivery as George Noon, but we picked The New Kid star DJ Qualls.  Mainly because we’d like to see him sing the part in “That’s all I’m Askin For”.

McGregor, Wilson, Qualls


The Butcher & Humphrey (Dan Hedaya, Sean William Scott)

Since Dan Hedaya did a great job playing a grade A a’hole in Clueless, we thought he would be perfect for Frank “Reddy” Miller (aka The Butcher).

In place of the screw-up James Humphrey, we chose Sean William Scott since he has the whole confused look down.  Complete with compulsive lying and bad cooking.

McGregor, Wilson, Qualls


Swan (Bill Murray)

We don’t know why but Bill Murray would play an awesome Swan.

McGregor, Wilson, Qualls


Polly Prye & the District Attorney (Angelina Jolie, Terrence Howard)

Angelina, as leading lady Polly Prye, would probably have pretty good chemistry with Owen Wilson.  Throw a little Terrence Howard in the mix as the arrogant D.A. then I’d say you would probably have a solid love triangle.

Jolie and Howard


The Trappers (Ben Stiller, Kirk Cameron, Freddie Prinze Jr.)

Ben Stiller leads the Mohawk trapper played by Kirk Cameron and the Tone-deaf trapper played by Freddie Prinze Jr.

McGregor, Wilson, Qualls


Cyclops (Matt Dillon)

A little cameo by Matt Dillon, with creme soda shooting out of his eye. “You looking at my eye?” We look forward to hearing his rendition of the Confederate song.

Matt Dillon

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