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I Know That Guy!

Once a week, we have this conversation: “Wait a minute, who is that?” “Who?” “That guy on the screen! What do we know him from?” “Oh…I’m not sure. Let’s look it up”. I’m sure most of you have had this same conversation. For example, I’m always picking out serial killers from the TV show Millennium, and Dennis constantly makes fun of me. I think this is an experience that all movie & tv watchers can relate to, and I’m so lucky to live in a world with IMDB.

We’ve compiled our list of the Top Ten That Guys. Some of them you may recognize, others you may not. These are people who show up in everything, but for some reason they aren’t well-known or well-recognized by their actual NAME. Our brains can only hold so much information—and that’s where the “that guys” come in.

#10 José Zúñiga

José Zúñiga

This guy’s eyebrows say it all. We recently watched him as a young mechanic in Alive and realized that this guy is in everything. From Ransom to his frequent appearances in various Law and Order (from the original to SVU to Criminal Intent) shows to his more recent role in Twilight, Zuniga has definitely earned his spot on our list.


#9 Sam McMurray

Sam McMurray

Though at first glance, McMurray seems to have a wide range of work, he most frequently plays a jerk. In The Wizard, he hates his stepson. In Raising Arizona, he wants to steal a baby who’s already been stolen. In Freaks and Geeks, he cheats on his wife. In Friends, he likes to smack Chandler’s butt. But the question we’re left with as viewers? Was he REALLY in that dinosaur suit when he provided the voice of Roy Hess in Dinosaurs? Intriguing.


#8 Keone Young

Keone Young

We fell in love with Young after seeing him as Mr. Lee, The Chinese Tailor in Dude Where’s My Car? But Young has appeared in many other memorable roles, from Surf Ninjas to My Girl 2 to his more recent role as the acupuncturist in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Though he’s frequently made up to look older and have facial hair, the truth of the matter is that this guy never ages.


#7 David Koechner

David Koechner

IMDB’s trivia introduces Koechner by saying that he’s good friends with Steve Carrell and Will Farrell. This is apparent simply by the roles he takes on. Though he got his start early on working on SNL, he frequently piggybacks with these major comedians. 2004 is when he really took off, jumping from Anchorman to The 40 Year Old Virgin to Talledega Nights to Semi-Pro while still carrying on a regular role as Todd Packer in The Office. Though these movies and TV spots might be the ones that get this “that guy” noticed, our personal favorite is watching Koechner as a semi-creepy boss in Waiting.


#6 Taylor Negron

Taylor Negron

The receding hairline. The sun burnt complexion. Those piercing eyes. What’s this guy’s net worth? He’s never been on a Late-Night couch in his life. It’s hard to know where to start with someone with such a range of roles. He got the funky scent out of Elaine’s hair in Seinfeld (well, he tried…) He delivered pizza in Bio-Dome (and Fast Times at Ridgemont High as well). His character names include Manager, Salesman in Mall, The Writer, Preacher, Celebrity Judge #1, Psychiatrist, and Priest. But though these characters might not have REAL names, this guy stands out.


#5 Keith David

Keith David

A first glance, David’s IMDB resume shows a lot of voicework. However, we don’t just love him for his voice. David is able to mold to a variety of genres. Ray Wray’s personal favorite is his work on John Carpenter’s The Thing, a dramatic horror piece. Dennis would argue that There’s Something About Mary or Men at Work show off David’s comedic side. And nobody can deny this guy’s disturbing and altogether icky work as Big Tim in Requiem for a Dream. Of course, his voice echoes in our heads right now with that unforgettable line: “I know it’s pretty baby, but I didn’t take it out for air.”


#4 Sean Whalen

Sean Whalen

As his brief IMDB bio states, Whalen “works steadily in film, television, and on stage.” (How much more generic of a sentence can you get?) Though Whalen recently has worked on The Bold and The Beautiful, this guy is neither bold nor beautiful. He’s a freak. We love him because he’s a freak. Probably due to his appearance, Whalen plays horrifying, creepy, unsettling, and generally over-enthusiastic roles. He’s probably best known for the famous “Got Milk?” commercial, when, with a full mouth of peanut butter, he’s unable to say Aaron Burr.


#3 Mike Starr

Mike Starr

Starr’s got an intimidating appearance. For this reason, he says, “I get a lot of calls for New York-oriented things, mob parts, cop roles. I think they stereotype me by size; that’s a bit of a pitfall. Some people bring me in for the big gentle guy or these killers. It’s hard to figure out what they think of me.” This quote reveals a lot about the kind of spots we see him in. It’s tough to forget his work as Joe “Mental” Mentalino in Dumb and Dumber. We’ve never been so sad to watch a bad guy die (even for the laughs).


#2 Dan Hedaya

Dan Hedaya

Dan Hedaya might be the biggest “name” on our list, and at times we were concerned that he was almost too big to be a “that guy”, but the first line of his IMDB bio sealed the deal: “Dan Hedaya is a familiar face from his work in films and on TV”. Yes, he IS a familiar face, but not a name. We’d say that 1995 was the year that Hedaya made it big, with The Usual Suspects, To Die For, and Clueless (could Cher’s dad be anymore angry and lovable all at once?) Our personal favorite is his role as the Detective working to arrest/save Reese Witherspoon in Freeway. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.


#1 Udo Kier

Udo Kier

Unlike most of the guys on this list, Kier’s resume isn’t littered with Law and Order, CSI, or NCIS episodes. Kier’s bit roles are in major motion pictures: Blade, Armageddon, My Own Private Idaho, Ace Ventura. Kier’s also transcended pop culture boundaries, making appearances in Madonna’s scandalous “Sex” book and even a KoЯn music video. There’s no doubting the impact that Kier’s had particularly on the horror genre, and he never shies away from a role, no matter how disturbing it may be. His enthusiasm about acting is particularly admirable which is what puts him at the top of our list.


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